How Does This Work?

Simple! We Have Deals On Tons Of Products, Stores, Restaurants,
And More That Can Save You BIG Money!

And best of all, YOU get to pick which ones you want to get whenever you want!

After you register, you'll pay a $15 redemption fee to cover both shipping and handling of your special access certificate and the administration fees for these coupon deals (it covers the costs of getting these deals setup and running it all). After that, you're sent a special certificate that gets you special access to an online store just for you where you can go through all of the coupons whenever you want and pick only the ones that you want. You pay a small 75 cent fee to have all the coupons ship to you (75 cents in total -- not per coupon! -- so if you get 10 coupons or 100 coupons, it's just 75 cents in total) and then 10% of the value of the savings to cover the costs involved with running these offers and making these deals available.

So if you found a coupon to save you $10 off your purchase at a store or restaurant, you'd only be charged $1 for that. For example, if you get one coupon that saves you $20, one that saves you $10, and one that saves you $30, you would only pay $6 plus 75 cents for $6.75 in total to save $60! And the best part is that you get to hand pick only the coupons that you want, so you can only get the ones that you know you'll be needing!

This can literally save you hundreds to thousands of dollars and is a win-win for everyone involved, including the stores who set these special deals up with us in order to drive more business to them.

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